Fiction in ALL Flavors

Penelope SilvaI’m a voracious reader. My earliest memory is of myself, my brother, and my mother walking into a library for my first official Story Time session when I was three-years-old. I sat in awe as the bespeckled woman with the kind, soothing voice began her welcome speech, telling us to remain seated and listen to the melody of the words. From that moment forward, every time a book was opened within earshot of me, I stopped whatever I was doing to hear the melody.

Now, decades later, I still find myself listening for the melody, the music and the rhythm in the prose. Only now, I also ensure that I offer that same experience to my readers. Granted, I’m not writing Dick and Jane books like that wonderful librarian read to me all those years ago, but I am writing novels that I hope will resonate with readers and make them feel something memorable, just as that librarian, whose name I can’t recall, but whose face I’ll always remember did for me.

Fiction in ALL Flavors is one of the two taglines I use for my writing life. The meaning behind that term is a sort of homage to the wonderful people whom first introduced me to the written word. The book genres varied. Each story was told in a different way. The casts of characters ran the gamut, but for me, the message was all the same – fiction (and non-fiction, for those keeping track) hold the same value, regardless of the intended audience. Words mean something. Books touch people and leave lasting impressions. I can only hope to do the same with the words I so painstakingly choose to include in my novels.

Welcome to my home on the internet! I can’t wait to share this adventure with you.


Penelope Silva